Gordon Tang Shows Support for Singapore Sports

gordon tangGordon Tang, also  known as Yigang Tang is not only a successful businessman, but also a charitable individual with a passion for sports.

Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) is an avid windsurfer who was trained as one of the few early professional windsurfers from China in the early 1980s. He has windsurfed all around the world.

Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) applies what he has learned from windsurfing to his business practice. Tang has been quoted as saying that the studying of one’s environment, understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses and selecting suitable equipment that are associated with windsurfing are also principles that can be applied to business.

Tang uses these skills learned in windsurfing to help him study market conditions, political and economic climates, policies and regulations, while assessing the areas of expertise of the organizations that he runs.

Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) has chosen San Francisco, California the base for his U.S. business operations because it is one of the best windsurfing areas in the world with its suitable weather and strong seasonal winds.

Tang has shown his support for windsurfing in Singapore by donating to the Singapore Sailing Federation. But his philanthropy extends beyond Singapore’s borders. Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) also financed the relatively new Cambodian sailing team and gymnastics team for their participation in the 29th Southeast Asia Games.

“As a windsurfing enthusiast, I am always passionate about sports,” Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) said. “Windsurfing is new to Cambodia and people there are hard-working and motivated. It has the potential for training great windsurfers. Sports won’t be much fun if only the wealthy countries can partake. We have made progress in leveling the economic playing field through globalization and international trade. We need to do more about leveling the sports playing field by providing developing countries with needed financial support for their sports programs. I am happy to do my part to help Cambodian athletes realize their dreams.”

As a believer of giving back, Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) has found many ways to turn one of his favorite sports in life into opportunities to help others.

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