Huaidan Chen

Some call it “wearing different hats.” Others with well-rounded business management skills often view the ability to hold top spots at various companies across industries as a testament to their skills. Huaidan Chen is one such individual who has spent decades rising to leadership positions at international companies and is ready to share her insight. Alongside her husband Gordon Tang, Huaidan Chen has worked diligently for years to attain the position of chief executive officer at OKH Global Ltd., which deals primarily in industrial property development, as well as managing director of Haiyi Holdings Pte Ltd., which is an international trade and financial investments service.  Huaidan Chen, before meeting her husband Gordon Tang,  attended  the Chinese People’s Public Security University and earned her undergraduate degree.

With such business management skills and positions of authority, it’s understandable why Chen would want to share some insight on business management. The top lesson she’s learned in all these years, especially as group managing director and executive director of international real estate company SingHaiyi Group Ltd., is to group similar projects together. Just because SingHaiyi Group Ltd. Handles development, investment and management of retail, residential and commercial properties doesn’t mean these projects are all that different. If one issue crops up, and is similar to other issues on hand and within the same field, Chen suggests that management sit down and try to tackle them all at once. The next major business management skill Chen has learned is that the “quality over quantity” mindset must always be at the forefront of what your business does. While at OKH Global, Chen made sure that the logistics of the company’s industrial property development plans was given as much consideration as the desire to expand its footprint in Asia and beyond. While brand recognition may come from the repetition of customer experience, reputation can suffer if the products you’re offering are decidedly sub-par. Chen said, she and her husband Gordon Tang,  have learned these lessons from lots of hands-on experience. She believes that young entrepreneurs will find them helpful.